Friday, July 08, 2005


Today early mornning I got the latest COMMs test results email from malaks, It was better than I though :), some how there are couple of things to still under considertation like, deleted recodes transfer from Head office to outlet database. I fight out to do this using two options,

1. Have to mark the deleted recordes in the Head Office with the deleted flag, but the whole retailignce code should be modifed according,

2. Have to get the recode set after sync with the head office database and then, do a recode count, if the recode count is not matching the loop the outlet recodeset and find the not existing recodes in the head office and delete !

ahh what ever it is god belss us all!!.

ahh today we manage to withdraw the cash from the bank!. I got 21 K baths including the debt + commition..

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