Sunday, October 08, 2006


Y'day I was thinking to my self what is the meanning of life??? well have you ever though about it? I bet you would have unless you are not living in a shit whole like me.

We all have a child hood that we can't forget or that we are trying to forget. Then we try to find a job that we can really enjoy, suddenly we get sick of it and you wish to go back to old that .. fun days!!! . And so on you get married and have kids and you watch how they grow up?.

finally when you look bouth you see that parents, brothers, relatives all are passed away.. And now it is your turn.. suddenly we are feeling the frear to die..

And one fine day you die.. That is what we all do ? have you ever though of doing some thing apart from that ?? those are the very basic things that common to all of us, We have to brake that chain... but how???

think who do whant to be in life that you will engoy.. otherwise one day we will feel that we have forgoten to enjoy our lifes so enjoy!

besides, if you figure out a way please let me know coz still i am thinking ....!

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