Tuesday, January 02, 2007

x mas (x-men)

Just though of write about how I spend the last week of the year, All started on 23 rd
sta'day. In the morning we had a superb session on SQL Server By Dishesh Priyankara. I managed to learn da some
of da doubts I had on SQL Server.

after the session I went to enter-Sys to meet pitta and da rest of the guys, and played pool... Played against Cheena... damm..
I won 1 game after playing more than 100s...

party stared in the evnning around 7 and went back home around 4 a.m.
with in that time..

learn about a new pill (two days stright up... drop me an email if you want one :)
two guys almost had a fight
one guy vomited in the cab we went.
had to washe the cab (588588), (almost i vomited)
one guy broke one water tap,
went back in a 3- weeler

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