Friday, March 23, 2007

Company of Heros

Last couple of day I spent fixing Sales Order issues in order to go live so it was a bit busy for me. Now I feel boring since not much of work and also guy used to sit next to me "Wasantha" has gone to duabi to support the implementation.

When I was in thailand I bought a game named "Company of Heros" which happed to be the last year best startagic game. Now I am addicted to it. I intalled it in my bros computer and it worked with out any problems and i managed to complete 4 levels of the game spending ,night and cutting class. When i installed it in my laptop it starts giving problems, I can;t see soilders so i installed patches drivers nothing seems to be working.

just waitting till some mirecal happens for me to play the game on my laptop..

i also asked pitta to check my kendare. Hope it will same some thing good about the game :) even tho i am not beliving in god and stuff this is the time i tend to think about

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