Monday, June 25, 2007

Where is WMSDefine namespace in SP2 ?

I was working on a windows media service plug-in for my bro. When i installed it in Windows |Server 2003 standard version PC it didn't work because custom plug-in doesn't support in Windows 2003 stranded version either :) dammm

So I moved everything i had in to a 64 bit Windows Sever 2003 SP2 PC. nothing worked. i looked over and over thu a stupid error code in Google and didn't help it either.

So i compiled everything on top of Windows Freamwork 2.0, now WMSDefine enum is missing in the latest windowsmediaservice.dll ahh frustrating.. so i reflector to copy the WMSDefined class from 1.1 to my project and it worked.

simply this is why i dont like MS,

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